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Windows are responsible for 10%~25% of your energy bill.

And shutters can retain heat by up to 50%.

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Why Choose Sunny Shutter

Our Service

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1. Factory direct

You’re not going to be dealing with a dealer or reseller. You’ll be dealing with us( the manufacturer) directly.

At prices you’ll love of cause.

2. No Hiding Clause

We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and believe we bring unrivalled knowledge, care and attention at every stage of the job, from consultation to installation and beyond. We will provide a transparent, accurate and full costing.

In our 20+ years in business, we have never retracted a quote.

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sunny shutter

3. Custom orders

We accepts orders for custom window shutters, allowing you to create the exact look you want, and get the functionality you need. Our team of designers are well-versed in interior design trends and classics and work with you to craft both traditional and modern shutters as you please.

4. One team, one ethos

All of our surveyors, fitters and customer support team are well-trained experts and employees of Sunny Shutter. Rest assured that all members of our team are committed to delivering outstanding service and putting you, the customer, first.

Our Factory

Sunny-Factory is located at Scarborough ON.

We keep a close eye on every step of the process and develop our own market-leading technology and processes, from testing and controlling the quality of the raw materials to making sure everyone involved maintains the high production standards.

All the raw materials are from Canada and several processes like cutting, painting and drying are operated in our own factory. 

The process is fairly manual but there is also state-of-the-art accurate machinery which is gauges to tiny tolerances enabling us to make shutter panel after shutter panel to the quality we does.

We must all hone our training skills, both to build our professional capacity and exceed our customers’ expectations. What’s more, there’s no middle man or overseas supplier. This means we can ensure our very high standards are met and we can sell to you directly at consistently low prices!

Research, Development and Testing

Sunny R&D department looking for new track designs, new fixing methods, trying other materials to improve shutter aesthetics and client experience.

Sunny R&D Department will be testing takes place on hardware for corrosion and strength and also on fading UV factors.

Sunny R&D department will take several months of testing to take place before it is launched into the market.

Sunny Team Believe exceptional craftsmanship combined with trouble-free design and engineering equals long term performance and value.

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Fixed shutter

Attached to windows using magnets and have adjustable louvres.

Shaped Shutter

Can be adapted to fit windows that are angled, round, half-round,hexagon,oval and trangle shaped.

Sliding panel Shutter

Mainly used in door ways and run on a double tracking system.

Bi-Fold Shutter

Bi-Fold track shutters are a great product for those large windows,
you just need to have a clear unobstructed view!

Hinged Shutter

Hinged shutters can be fitted directly to a frame, or supplied in a pre-made frame of set measurements.

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